Book Reviews

“End Times and the Secret of the Mahdi”

End Times

By Michael Youssef

There have been many books and films about the end times and the expected coming of ‘The Anti-Christ’.  Living as we do in ‘interesting times’, this book stands out as an authoritative look at the present day and holds the Bible up to the present turmoil, with a ‘do not be afraid’ stance.

Michael Youssef, born in Egypt, travelled the world and, being from a Muslim majority country, has seen for himself the state of the world, before settling in America.  He was the founding preacher of the Church of the Apostles in Atlanta, Georgia.  He has written many books and is a presenter of Leading the Way, on Premier Christian Radio.

In his book he shows how the world is moving to a one-world government and gives insights of the Great Tribulation.  Using the Bible, he shows that some of the events in Revelation are happening, or beginning to happen, in the present day; our present.  The Muslims are looking for their ‘Saviour’, called the Mahdi, which Michael shows to be the Christian ‘Anti-Christ’.  He talks about the rise of ISIS and other events leading up to the end times.  But this is primarily a book about hope for the Christian; to encourage us to stand up for the truth of the Bible and to proclaim that the return of Jesus is nearer than we might like to think.

This book is, I think, an essential wake-up call and a call-to-arms for the Christian today.  I can utterly recommend that every Christian needs to read this, with the Bible open from Genesis to Revelation.

(A review by Robin Williams, Elder of Bootle Evangelical Church, Cumbria)