friendsFriends of the Lonsdale Bible Society

The survival of Cornerstone Books and Gifts depends on the support it receives from the Christian community it is seeking to serve. The Friends help in four ways:-


A prayer list goes out at the beginning of each month to ask for prayer for specific needs and situations. It can be collected from the shop as a paper copy.  Alternatively, if you would like to receive the Prayer List electronically, please ask for it here with ‘Prayer Letter‘ in the subject line.


We have a team of volunteers who help to man the shop and do vital jobs behind the scenes. Those who work in the shop generally do half a day a week and we aim to have two people in at all times to support each other and to be able to provide a listening and prayer ministry. If you are thinking about or interested in volunteering, you should contact Sue for an informal chat first


Cornerstone Books and Gifts is a registered charity and, as such, is not established as a profit making business. To ensure  our mission to provide a Christian presence on the High Street, we therefore solicit the financial assistance of as many individuals and groups s possible to cover such regular expenses as rent, lighting and heating, with rates having recently been added.

If you are able to commit to giving a small amount each month, preferably by Direct Debit, please ask for a form  here with ‘Direct Debit‘ in the subject line..  For those who pay sufficient Income Tax it is also possible for us to claim from the Government 25 pence for every £1  you give in the form of Gift Aid, provided you complete the necessary declaration attached to the Direct Debit form.


Using the shop regularly and raising awareness among friends, family and acquaintances of the services of the shop.

If you would like to support Cornerstone Books and Gifts in any of these ways by joining the Friends of the Lonsdale Bible Society please contact the manager on:

01229 583563 or

email at