bible_stackWe stock a comprehensive range of Bibles in all sizes, colours and bindings.

There are many different translations and versions of the Bible our stock including the King James Version, New King James Version, New International Version, New Living Translation, God’s Word, New Revised Standard Version, English Standard Version, The Message, Holman Christian Standard Version, Good News. We also have a selection of One Year Bibles plus some large print Bibles and a range of Bible covers to choose from.

With so much to choose from it can be quite daunting deciding just what any individual person might find meets their need, especially if it is the for first time.  As an aid we provide on this site some advice and guidelines in Choosing your Bible.

For the new Christian or anyone seeking more insight into the Christian faith, it is worth pointing out that what we call “The Bible” is not just one book but a ‘library’ of 66 separate books in a variety of literary styles such as: history, narrative, poetry, prophecy and apocalyptic (or end time).  When using a public library one doesn’t normally take the first book to hand but rather goes to the required section and chooses a volume to meet the present need.  So it is when reading the Bible.  How does one approach it?  There are many aids available, some of which can be found in our shop, and and we also offer here a short guide – How to read the Bible.